Spring Fragrance / 春の香り

Spring Fragrance / 春の香り 2024/3/6

As Azabudai Hills development attracted a lot of new visitors, our shop updated the display.

Chic affordable aromatic bottles and containers are best selling. Interior designers sometimes buy a lot of decorative items for model rooms and photo taking.




Happy Halloween from all of us here at Tokyo Lease Corporation!



営業時間:平日9:00〜18:00 土曜日・祝日10:00〜18:00

Be ready to get spooky! Halloween is just around the corner, and we have dedicated a little corner at Azabu Interior to embrace the Halloween spirit.
How about decorating your home to celebrate? Come by to check out our accessories. Perhaps you could find something spooky.
We are open Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM, Sat and Holidays 10AM-6PM.

ウッドアニマルシリーズ:キウイ 入荷しました



サイズ 大:幅14センチ、高さ14センチ ¥3190(taxin) 
    小:幅12センチ、高さ12センチ ¥2860 (taxin)

New products have arrived!

The one shown is a very cute kiwi ornament with a round body made of natural mango wood and a long beak made of brass.

The legs are also made of brass and are available both sitting or standing as shown in the picture.

Interestingly, in case you are curious, it is said that the kiwi was named after the sound a male bird makes.

Please welcome the kiwis with their charming body shape and cute features to your room.

Large size: width 14cm, height 14cm ¥3190 (including tax)

Small size: width 12cm, height 12cm ¥2860 (including tax)

Sustainability Summit 2023 Singapore 持続性サミット シンガポール2023

Sustainability Summit 2023  Singapore

2023年7月20日シンガポールにてSFIC (Singapore Furniture Industries Council )開催された Sustainability Summitで、講演者として招かれました。環境にやさしい家具レンタル、電気トラック、倉庫での太陽光発電、木更津倉庫での植樹、ソーラーシェアリングについて20分のスピーチをしました。

Eri was invited to Sustainability Summit 2023 as a key note speaker. She spoke about sustainable business models, EV Truck, and installation of solar panels on the warehouse and farmland.


Eri also joined a panel discussion about sustainability in the industry; circularity, carbon tax, emission measurement and partnership.

午後からは雨の中ボタニックガーデンに併設されたGreen Galleryにて、CDLのChief Sustainability Officer Ms. Esther An による地球温暖化セミナーがありました。

In the afternoon, Chief Sustainability Officer of CDL, Ms.Esther An guided a tour of the Green Gallery, showing the evidences of the climate crisis.

Green Galleryでは南極の氷が予想を超える速さで減っていることなど、多くの写真と共に説明がされています。

おなけ)こちらはチャンギ空港に併設された JEWELです。巨大な噴水とそれを囲む南の植物。レストランやお店からも中心にある噴水をみることができます。

JEWEL at the Changi Airport is a large indoor fountain surrounded by greens. Overlooking the garden are the shops, restaurants and even a hotel.